Here's a current list of developers of Five Nights at Treasure Island. This includes everyone from voice actors to modelers.

General Psychodash

GP Persona

Psychodash's persona.

General Psychodash (also known as Cassie/Billy, Sunset(Blaze), or Louogi) is the primary developer of Five Nights at Treasure Island and Equestrian. They like to keep their gender as agender/non-binary and they love to generate hype for fans. And as well as being a coder of both games, they also code both wikis.

They used to be a member of a group called Crimson Casper Games. However, the group started to break away from each other and move their separate ways. After that Psychodash got ideas and created Silver Comet Studios.

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Saturn the Gamer

Saturn the Gamer (also known as Saturn the Pixel Gamer or just Saturn) is a co-developer for Five Nights at Treasure Island. Saturn is a female co-worker who will mainly work on the AIs for the game, specifically anything new Psychodash wants to try.

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